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Comment: OzEA_S20051

Name:    Martin Nicholson
Subject: The Second Story Status: 1 Version: Date: 2010-10-28 (at 11:39:52)
A couple of questions and a general comment.

In the 50% number by 2030, are you considering nuclear as a member of the renewable class?

Do you have any figures to support the statement "While residential use is one quarter of demand as a blunt average, it is a much higher portion on hot afternoons." I am comfortable wth the first part. Is there any reputable estimate of the second?

Probably a much bigger impact on the distribution network than peak loads will be electric vehicle recharging - whether in the home or at a charging station. My estimate is that it will double domestic demand. This will require the distribution networks to be upgraded anyway so load shifting may actually not achieve very much or even be necessary. Perhaps you should add the impact of electric vehicles into your 2030 model.